Sally is shaving for the first time, she is not certain she will have sex for the first time tonight, on her date with the cute guy from 2nd period that asked her to the movies, but wants to be prepared anyways. The strokes of the razor slide across her mound leaving her feeling so smooth down there, a bit excited about the date she found herself rubbing herself for the first time while applying the shave gel, it felt very electrifying, is that sensation what it will feel like to have Ryan push inside her tonight? Will he be shaved as well? She finds herself picturing a man naked for the first time, she’s known the basics since way back in sex ed but this might be her first time seeing a REAL one. Sally is a bit giddy, she better be careful, don’t want to knick herself and ruin the clean downstairs.

Done shaving Sally puts on a thong she bought specifically for tonight. Her first time wearing one of those as well. The more she thinks about it the more excited she becomes, leaving the bathroom she decides tonight WILL be her first time.